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you can't swim in a town this shallow.

6 June
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big sunglasses. rhinestones & glitter. pink nailpolish. skinny girls. driving with the windows down. eskimo kisses. lots of bracelets. lots of necklaces. sleeping in. playing in the snow. bright colors. secrets. pretty smiles. sunsets. girls nights. stilletoes. black & white pictures. laughing. thrift stores. big earrings. being loved ♥

I'm a pretty easy going girl. I'm nice to everyone, unless you do something to offend me. In that case I might give you some dirty looks and the cold shoulder, but it doesn't get much meaner than that. Don't waste your time trying to put me down because almost nothing you can say will phase me. I avoid drama at all costs. I'm not stuck up but I do have really high standards. I have friends who would do anything for me, and a boyfriend who would give me the entire world if he could. I laugh all the time; I can find humor in anything. I think laughing & having a good time & appreciating things are the most important things in life. I love random acts of kindness. ex: I took flowers to my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend after her surgery. I love spontaneity and jumping in a swimming pool with your clothes on, not worrying that your hair is ruined and mascara is running down your cheeks.

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taken ;)

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best friends.